As a proponent of open access data, journals and research, it is fantastic to hear from other philosophers engaged in the discussion. To that end, Peter Suber has recently published a new text on the subject.

From his Google + page:

I’m very happy to announce the publication of my new book, Open Access, from MIT Press.  The Kindle edition is available today <>. Digital editions in a dozen other formats will roll out over the summer.  The paperback edition is available for pre-order now from MIT Press <> and Amazon <>, and will ship in early August.

Before you ask: The book will become OA one year from now. If you can’t wait that long, everything I’ve said in the book I’ve said in some form or another in an OA article over the years <>, probably more than once.

For those interested in Suber’s reference to previous writings above, check out this link.

New text: Open Access
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