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An overview of the Environmental Ethics project

  1. Resources
  2. Getting it down

Brainstorming and Project Research resources:

This Week's Authors:

AIP Library Databases

Sketching/Brainstorming Resources:


Getting started the course project:

This section is designed to get you started on the course project.

Objectives for this stage of the project: Your objective should be to identify the topic you would like to research. The topic should be related to an area of environmental ethics and either your professional field of endeavor or current events. You can also do a historical study chronicling an environmental situation that has already taken place.

  1. Search the text to get an overview of the types of issues covered in environmental ethics
  2. Use the AIP databases in the library, especially Proquest, to find articles related to your topic
  3. Be sure you are pulling scholarly sources; see the Writing for Our class page for more information
  4. Use the brainstorming techniques and tools listed above to figure out what you want to present and how you are going to frame the issue


  1. Brainstorming, sometimes called mind mapping, allows you to explore your initial ideas and expectations about the project you are working on. Though it is not necessary to use high tech tools, some may prefer to use the whiteboards listed above, Goggle Docs or Adobe Illustrator to get their ideas down. You can also use a sketchpad for this purpose and may find it more helpful than using a computer based solution.
  2. Sketching out the relationships between topics, ideas, events and resources can help you to narrow down the ideas that are most likely to provide good sources and materials for your presentation.
  3. Here are some great resources to get started learning to sketch for the purpose of brainstorming.
  4. Finally here's another great place to get started if you are just learning to sketch and brainstorm: the Brainstorm Creative Lab Blog.
  5. Here's another of Leah Buhley's excellent advice articles on Things to Do At The Beginning of Each Project

Using databases to search for articles

AIP Library offerings that can be helpful:

  1. The Proquest Database would be the most fruitful place to look for scholarly articles.
  2. Also, please do not hesitate to ask the research librarians in the AIP on-ground library
  3. Be sure to look for articles in environmental ethics as well as those related to the topic you have chosen to research.
  4. When you have located a minimum of five scholarly articles, go to step 2: Writing for our Class and be sure to read over the information and download the templates linked on this page.


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