Presenting your work:

Visual Media Requirements…

At the end of the course. we’ll devote the last third of our class sessions to presentations and discussion (Weeks 8-9). The group project may take the form of an advertising/information awareness campaign, film, PowerPoint slide show/text or web site.

Minimum length for presentations is 7-10 minutes, no more than 10-12 slide PowerPoint or a web site with 10-12 images and explanations of how they tie into one of the ethical theories studied during the course of the trimester.   Please note: Just turning in a minimum length project presentation does not guarantee a passing grade. If you want to earn an A or B your project should meet the guidelines noted in the grading rubric on the course syllabus. A short question session will follow. Presentations will be graded on creativity and style, so be ready to “sell” your idea.

Grading Criteriaeach is worth 1/3rd of the Instructor’s evaluation segment of your presentation grade

  • Communication: Does the presenter speak clearly and announce the major comparison to be made in the course of the presentation?(5 points)
  • Clarity: How clear are the background details concerning the medical isssue/dilemma and ethical theory? Does the team understand the subject matter they have covered in preparation for the presentation?(5 points)
  • Relationship to an ethical theory: How well does the team explain the connection between the issue and ethical theory up for comparison? Is the theory applicable in the way the team suggests? Does the team show that they understand the comparison by demonstrating the ability to field two or three short questions about the content of the presentation and the chosen ethical theory?(5 points)

A Word Concerning Presentation Dates & Grades:

  • Once your team draws a presentation date, your team may not change that date without a 10% grade penalty.