Weeks 8 – 10 News:

We have reached the final segment of our course during which we simultaneously study Gandhi, Buddhist Ethics and learn about the group research projects that have been ongoing throughout the quarter.  Groups that are presenting Week 8 should arrive ready to go.

Weeks 8 -9:

  1. There are no guide questions for weeks 8 – 9. All of the questions you see on the lecture page will be answered as we discuss these topics in class.  Just read the items in #2 below to prepare for our next two lectures.
  2. Please read the following (contained in the reading packet) to prepare for the two in class lectures on Eastern Ethics:
    1. Gandhi on Ahimsa
    2. Gandhi, “My Nonviolence”
    3. Study Guide for the Ethics for the New Millennium: please read “Key Concepts”  chapter summary segments only.
  3. After/during class today when each group concludes its presentation, you are responsible for turning in a group presentation for each group by 11:59 PM Monday evening.  Please fill out one form for each group.  Since there are 7 groups and you below to one of them, this means that you will fill out 6 review forms during Weeks 8-9.  You do not have to review your own group,  but do have to review your peer’s performance as a team member throughout the quarter; you should complete a review for each team member excluding yourself.
    1. Group Presentation Review Form
    2. Peer Review Form (completed for each team member except yourself)

If you have questions about completing the Group Presentation Review Form or the Peer Review Form, please ask me in class at the beginning of Week 8.

Week 10

The final exam is the only activity scheduled for Week 10 and you may leave after completing the exam.  It will take the same format as the midterm with short essay questions (12-15) of which you will have to answer 10.  Please focus on the objectives listed for each unit that we have covered since the midterm.  In general, the final will not be cumulative and will only cover things we have discussed since the midterm.  However, you are also expected to be able to distinguish between Mill’s version of utilitarianism and Kant’s deontological ethics on the exam.  Please ask me about this in class if it is not clear after the lectures are concluded.