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Homework Guidelines

The ultimate access to assignments & due dates.

Beloware the homework guidelines and listings for early assignments. Assignments for later in the course will be determined in class as we go through the material.

Homework Guidelines & Resources for PHIL 111-51:

Homework Assignments PHIL 111-51:

Chapter 1:

Chapter 4:

Chapter 5:

Chapter 6:

Chapter 3:


  1. All homework assignments must be completed in a notebook before the beginning of class. You may choose to write or type your assignments, but you must be ready to show your completed assignment at the beginning of class when attendance is taken.  If you arrive late, your homework will not be accepted under any circumstances.
  2. WHEN ARE HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS DUE? Homework assignments are due at the beginning of each class during Weeks 2-14. The homework assignments will be comprised of problems assigned the previous week in response to feedback/lecture questions.
  3. You may not copy or cut and paste another student’s homework.  Each student is responsible for doing his/her own homework assignment. Assignments turned in that are cut and paste copies or exact duplicates of another student’s work will not receive credit. Assignments are considered cut and paste if they contain substantial segments that are duplicated from another student’s homework.  For typewritten work, even if fonts and spacing are different, assignments that have the exact same content will be considered duplicates.  Neither assignment will receive credit regardless of who did the work.
  4. Homework assignments should contain grammatically correct sentences and problem numbers as they appear in the text. Homework assignments that are done incorrectly (i.e., the instructions in the text and/or guidelines given in class are ignored) will not receive credit under any circumstances. You may not redo an assignment for credit if it is done incorrectly.
  5. You should try to do all of the problems assigned and describe any difficulties you may be having during completion of the assignment. This will insure that I am aware of your concerns and allow me to respond.  We will go over the homework assignment at the beginning of class after the notebook check. Please bring any questions you have regarding the current assignment so that I can address them before we move on.
  6. Late homework assignments: I will not accept late homework assignments for any reason. Homework assignments not shown during the notebook check at the beginning of class will receive zero credit and negatively affect your final grade. If you are late or absent from class for any reason you cannot receive credit for that week’s assignment unless prior arrangements have been made with the instructor in advance.
  7. THERE ARE NO EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENTS AVAILABLE IN THIS CLASS.  You are expected to turn in work regularly and study throughout the quarter.  There will be no opportunities outside of regular assignments to “save” yourself if you find that you are not passing the course.
  8. You are responsible for saving a copy of all assignments and quizzes that have been graded and handed back.  If there is a discrepancy between your records and mine, you should be able to show me the assignment in question.
  9. You may use Logic Coach to help with homework.  Logic Coach can be downloaded free. There are links on our class web site under the home page and syllabus pages. 


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