As a dual-career academic, I have spent considerable time in college classrooms working as a full-time professor since 2001.  The sites linked below are useful for colleagues, current students and researchers in the philosophy of  technology.  Also included is a complete teaching portfolio with links to my curriculum vita and classroom evaluations.  As a humanities professor I believe that the tangible benefits of a liberal arts education grounded in compassion and critical thinking carry over into  career endeavors and community life.    Thus, also included are links to community organizations for which I have provided technical or educational services.

This site serves as a launching point for the following:

  • Classroom information for students @  Clarion University – Venango Campus: to navigate to our class web sites visit the link for “classroom” on the left
  • Non-violence resources: learn about Gandhi & Dr. King’s approaches to dealing with conflict
  • Research: view my various lines of research and get the latest on the surveillance blog; writing samples are also available here
  • Teaching portfolio: view my current teaching portfolio
  • Non-violence: these links provide information for those interested in practicing compassion and working for social justice using non-violence; included are  links to historical information regarding key figures and contemporary organizations working for peace and justice.
  • Think-media project: alternatives to corporate media and a few articles covering the MSM campaign to deliberately mislead citizens about the nature and scope of the current conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq