Does the media really provide a non-biased point of view? What are the effects of media consolidation on the dissemination of multiple viewpoints? Does the media self-censor to satisfy the increasing small pool of corporate owners that control cable, Internet, radio and satellite channels?

This page is devoted to exploring the above and exposing uncovered, unreported stories. The links on the right also provide a chance to explore alternative media.

Corporate Media:

Interesting Research:

  • Media Studies:

    This study, Misperceptions, The Media and The Iraq War, 2001, by the University of Maryland Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) focuses on the use of large media networks and the spread of disinformation. The case study is the Iraq War of 2003. Findings indicate that those who relied on mainstream news networks, especially FOX News, for information concerning the war tended to be the least informed.

  • Project Censored Web Site:
    Read the most censored stories from the past by choosing a year on their publications page.

  • Michael Massing writing for the New York Review of Books has published numerous articles on the media’s deliberate attempt to> cover up truths about faulty intelligence leading up to the invasion of Iraq during March 2003.

    • His recent effort to uncover the corporate media’s concerted plan of misinforming the public is Unfit to Print from the June 24, 2004 New York Review of Books.

    • Below is an excerpt from The Unseen War originally published in the New York Review of Books on May 29, 2003. It details CNN’s plan to set up two parallel media crews, one to misinform Americans about the war, and the other, a more intellectual crowd to satisfy world appetites for slightly more objective information.

    Image of NY Review article