Hatred does not cease through hatred at any time. Hatred ceases through love. This is an unalterable law. – Buddha …

history & methods…

This space is a resource for those interested in the tradition of satyagrahi (non-violence). The two philosophical figures who most influenced my decision to study philosophy were Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi.  Living peaceworkers are slowly being added so that you can connect with present events, players and situations.  Look for additions regularly.

Nelson Mandela:

This former leader of South Africa had a Long Walk to Freedom and began fighting against apartheid and for justice in the 1940s.  He paid a dear price for the political struggle against white supremacists spending 27 years in South African prisons under very harsh conditions.  When he was freed on Sunday 11 February 1990, he tried to end the violence in South Africa and unite the country. Whenever I think a struggle is too hard or has too high a price to pay for justice, I try to remember Mandela’s example as a living fighter for freedom and justice.

Dr. Martin Luther King:

Mahatma Gandhi:

Other notable resources:

Peace Activities:

Peace & Justice Organizations:

  • United for Peace & Justice: organization and site that describe present causes & opportunities to support peace & justice initiatives
  • Peace & Justice Center: an organization committed to research, policy & action, this organization works for changes that will benefit people in our communities.  Check out the news on the main page.
  • The Institute for Peace & Justice is a Christian group devoted to bringing out the peace teachings in Christian doctrine.  I can’t imagine a more worthy cause when so many in our country support two wars.
  • The World Association for Christian Communication (WACC) is another Christian organization devoted to peace.  I think it is incredibly important to be aware of these views which receive little publicity in our culture.

Women & Peace:

Below are a few organizations linking women globally and locally to work for peace.  While I believe both  men & women have to work together for peace, I also think women have a special role to play as mothers, daughters and wives.  From the Western tradition espoused in the Lysistrata to the organizations listed below, women have a strong role in publicizing and promoting peaceful relations among peoples from different cultures.

  • Women’s Human Rights Resources: The name says it all. If you are interested in promoting women’s rights, this is a great starting place.
  • Peace Women is an organization devoted to promoting peace & justice activities globally and locally.  Amazing resource for anyone interested in this cause.  Lots of global news we never hear in the United States.
  • The Working Group on Women Peace and Security tries to “make peace work for women” but undoubtedly everyone enjoys the benefits of non-violence.  From people to animals to the environment, a healthy peaceful country is more likely to be ready to meet unexpected challenges from nature and man-made calamities.